Payza (Alertpay) Money Adder Free Download

Introducing Payza (Alertpay) Money Adder 2014

Are you in need of money to purchase something on the internet? If the answer is yes, then a working Payza Money Adder is what you need!

Me and my team have created a legitimate, fully working hack for Payza which was previously known as Alertpay. This new software works on all Payza (Alertpay) accounts for every country worldwide.



Payza (Alertpay) Money Adder 2014 - What does it do?

 Well, this hack basically lets you add money/funds to your Payza account with just easy simple steps! This will add money in your account instantly! We are doing our best in updating the software so that users can be sure that the software hack works.

Any Proofs?

This hack is 100% safe and working. Me and my co-developers tried it and the software worked perfectly. Here is a screenshot from my friend's Payza account:

Where can I download Payza (Alertpay) Money Adder 2014?
To get this amazing software for FREE, just click the download link below!

NOTE: Since this software is new and working, we have decided to only give 15 copies of the software per day. So, only 15 downloads are allowed per day.

Stats:  Only  3  softwares (Payza Money Adder 2014) available! 

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Our software is 100% virus free.


1. Download Payza (Alertpay) Money Adder 2014

2. Run the software

3. Enter your Payza email address/account. You don't need to enter your password to add money in your account. Most softwares that require you to do this are fake and is only trying to steal your account.

4. Open settings to choose the amount of money you want to add in your account.

5. Click "Add amount to balance" and wait for a few seconds

6. Log in and check your Payza account balance

7. Congratulations! You have now added money in your account!

NOTE: Please do not abuse this software. 

For questions/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.